Mediation is most successful when the parties’ advocates/advisors are knowledgeable and skilled in the principles of the mediation process and negotiation theories so that Law and Mediation Firms that provides wide experience in dispute resolution matters and legal business assistance are integrated in a ADVOCACY ADVISOR BMC PANEL.

They represent clients in the resolution of disputes and/or making deals through mediation and assist their clients to reach faster, cheaper and/or better outcomes with the assistance of a mediator

Independent MEDIATORS

We also provide a MEDIATORS BMC PANEL integrated by independent Mediators, Mediation Firms and Mediation Institutions with experience in commercial mediation and business expertise.

MEDIATION Institutions

Our Center will be pleased to accept the membership of PRIVATE & PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS in order to develop QUALIFIYING PROGRAMS in collaboration with BMC to provide a list of EXPERTISE / CONCILIATION / ARBITRATOR BMC PANEL specialized in International Business China/Spain CON-MED & MED-ARB process.

Other professionals

Other professionals like TRANSLATORS, CONSULTANTS, EXPERTS & PROFESSIONALS or FREELANCERS needed for running the process effectible, will be provide for the Center